Music / Audio Dope
Director / Jacopo Ficulle (https://vimeo.com/jacopoficulle)
Voice and words / Claudio Badii (operaprimablog.com)
CGI / Francesco Marsano
Sound design / Daniele Prina @BODEGA
Line Producer / Dorval Pittaluga
Dancers / Holly Bouari Marta Mancini Francesca Pavesio
Translation supervisors / Giada Petrucci Marta Fusari
1AD / Gheorghe Tache Drone / Marco Abbà
Special Thanks / Alberto Ranzini Marco Tomaiuolo Pasquale Milieri


So What,


Have we seen it, at least?…I mean the Outer World.


Is it really a world, this reality we’re looking at?


‘This’ doesn’t smell.


Our Faces covered, our senses trying to make sense.


A thick Maya is blinding us from the stage maneuvers.


We can only encourage balance to find itself while we 


rewrite history.


Now, picture this….Jacopo Ficulle actually did it.


Within the lockdown experience the freelance filmmaker based in Turin, 


handed over to our souls a powerful yet ethereal audiovisual pill,


shot to reach future consciousness.


Synchronized to the abstract choir of Audio Dope’s track, the video


encapsulates a fragmented, survived chorus and and ancient monito motif


of a perpetual Cassandra, such as Claudio Badii voice-over :


We’ll be trustworthy. Our attentions, no longer transient.

We have not chosen what is happening.

But how often we could, yet we have not?

Will this scare change us?


What will we have saved it for,

the world outside our window?

Abandoned, quiet, scented.

And the sentimental horoscopes,

written on daisy petals in pencil,

will be reliable.

Therefore, afterwards,

even if deprived,

we shall not say

it will be like starting from scratch.

-Claudio Badii


Master_Piece virtually met Jacopo Ficulle and asked him all about.


M) This video was tailored for Audio Dope new release ‘Meteor’.


How did you start working with the Basel based producer and how your

creative approach interacted with his sound?
J)  I had the song in my mind for a few weeks after listening to it on Spotify.
I also craved for filming during those long days and accidentally discovered
the old basement in my building. 
Having recently filmed dancers in empty squares I found everything was,
somehow, starting to make sense… even if it wasn’t, probably. 
I decided to go for it and after finishing the video I contacted the
management of the artist.
Luckily they were enthusiastic about it and made it the official video for the
M)   Could you unfold the project behind the script?
J)   It came together while doing it, basically. Having very limited
possibilities due to the lockdown, I privileged the visual aspect of it and
gradually found out how could it all be blend together.
M)  What kind of world we’re looking at?
J)   An unexpected one. I honestly thought it was a beautiful atmosphere,
even though mournful and eerie at times.
M)   How did the concept of the spoken intervention  – almost a living form,
embodying the spirit of the scenario – come along?
J)   I wanted few words to complement the visuals, as if it were a message
left by somebody from the past. 
I made a quite thorough research into a broad field: italian thinkers from
the ’50 to nowadays. Basically everybody who could have spoken to an
audio recorder.
I wanted an even vague but poignant speach about what we were going
M)  Would you talk about your collaboration with Claudio Badii?
J)   I ended up looking into Claudio’s blog and I’m sincere when I say that
I’m still to find somebody who says things the way he does, with his
mixture of  delicacy and sharpness. I’m very lucky to know him and his
M)  What about the dancers…Who are they? Who or what do they
J)   In real life, they’re friends of mine. In the video they’re human figures
struggling to find balance, expression and coherence during these hard
Irene Silvestri.




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